Benefits Of Caravan Holidays

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You can fly out to the most beautiful city in the world and stay at the most expensive hotel, but there is nothing like the feeling you get when you get into your caravan, and drive towards your destination, settling at a campsite only to be with nature and take in all that fresh air, while staring into the starry sky with your loved ones with peace, quiet and tranquility. Many feel as if the option of caravanning only makes a vacation go horribly wrong, and not worthwhile, but this is far from the truth. Read on to find out why going for the option of caravanning can be one of the best travel options you can select.

Meeting new people

Once you park your van at a tourist site you become a part of that group and you become one of them, where you will easily be able to talk and get to know one and other. One foot step out of the door and you will be able to take in all the fresh air, and see how serene the whole environment is. Most campsites/tourist parks have evolved and aren’t what they used to be. They have swimming pools, restaurants, and even tennis courts for all campers to make use of and enjoy. There will be events planned out, where you will have to mix and mingle with the other individuals, increasing the amount of socializing you will have to do.


Some of the locations in which you can stop and camp at are extremely serene locations. Unlike any hotel, you will be face to face with the wilderness, and be with the nature throughout, allowing you to see how beautiful the space we are living in is. Caravans for sale in Auckland would interest many people who crave to live by the beach, amidst pristine hills or in the middle of the woods because these are usually the places in which most campsites are situated in.

No need for advance booking

All you need to do is purchase one of the caravans for sale, and head to your preferred destination. Unlike hotels, you do not need to call in advance and book a room for yourself. Although campsites get filled up during occasions, you only need to find yourself a bare patch of land and you are good to go. You do not have to wait for hours until your hotel rooms are cleaned after the earlier guests leave, rather you can merely pull into a spot as the previous occupant leaves and set things up.

Environmentally friendly

Camping also means that you usually spend most of your time outdoors playing, or just admiring the view in front of you. This tremendously decreases the amount of energy that may have got used up if there were any sort of electronic items being used. Even if you have any garbage to dispose, you can just look out for the recycling and garbage areas within your campsite to dispose them in a sustainable way.

Without spending your days in hotel rooms watching tv, try going camping in a caravan and experience the nature like never before.